To Discuss Conflicting Crime Statistics


Updated information on Mass Public Shootings from 1998 through October 2023

When another shooting happens at a place such as a school or a mall, politicians and the media are apt to claim that many hundreds of mass shootings occur each year. “Over the last year since Uvalde, our country has experienced a staggering 650 mass shootings,”…

Americans are divided on whether to ban “assault weapons”: Survey

 Rasmussen Reports survey from May 31 to June 5, 2022 shows that Americans are divided on banning “assault weapons,” including AR-15s. The survey finds that 44% of Likely U.S. voters believe banning weapons like the AR-15 would not violate the Second…

On Armed American Radio: End of Year Wrap-Up 2023

Dr. John Lott appeared on the Armed American Radio show to discuss a wide range of topics to wrap up 2023, including the weaponization of the federal government and political violence heading into the 2024 presidential election. (Sunday, December 31, 2023,…


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